Sphere Of Influence 3.1

Sphere Of Influence 3.1 1

An updated program that collects syslog from any device

Sphere Of Influence 3. 1 is a utility program for Windows that can gather syslog related information out of any related device. With this program, users can collection program information that are based on different products such as Snort IDS, Cisco Pix/ASA and Windows 2008, 2003, XP and Vista.

After users purchase this product, they can get access to ball the SOI versions. Sphere Of Influence 3. 1 can be installed and run for both of the snorts, PIX/ASA and Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 2008.

All these can be done simultaneously or even by making a collection every time. With Sphere Of Influence 3. 1, users will first have to customize the syslog configuration on the snort as well as with pix/asa.

Sphere Of Influence 3. 1 can be beneficial for different options like enforcement of policy compliance, real time traffic analysis, a display of network operations, network setup and testing, cutting down on false positive investigations on IDS and fraud warnings.

In short, Sphere Of Influence 3. 1 can be a handy program for any user who needs to work with syslog and needs software to make the work easier.